The traditional viennese flannel timpani sticks are considerably appreciated these days. The ever-present attack, rather than looking "too much", blends perfectly well with the sound of contemporary orchestras. The head is made of flannel, felt or leather discs superimposed in a plastic screw. They are neither glued nor sewn, and thus free.
Discs material Model
Fine hard leather FLhF
Thick soft leather FLsT
Fine soft leather FLsF
Thick natural felt FNt
Fine natural felt FN
Thick flannel 100% cotton FCt
Fine flannel 100% cotton FC
You have the option to choose between 7 kind of discs and 16 different sizes. One little head will certainly have higher articulation with brilliant sound; however a bigger one will also have a dark and round sound. For example: FN-33 means natural felt of 33 mm diameter.